Message From Our Pastor

A man a tremendous intellect and influence once came to Jesus seeking the truth regarding eternal life. After speaking with Jesus, and asking a few questions, the man concluded, “How can these things be?” Jesus then went on to share the reason of God’s love and the focus of God’s love. While pondering upon these sacred truths in John 3, my heart is pulled toward VBS and summer revival. The love of God, the truth of eternal life, our purpose in life are still questions and topics often raised just as they were during the time of Jesus Christ. The wonderful news is He still has all the answers, and honestly, He is the answer. We may ask, “How can these things be?”  The answer then was Jesus, likewise today, the answer is Jesus.

Preacher Craig
“Ye must be born again”-Jesus

Oak Grove Baptist Church

Oak Grove Baptist ChurchCome learn more about Jesus and how we can serve him in our daily lives.

Do you want to know more about our weekly youth programs for all ages each Wednesday night starting at 5:30 with a free meal?

How about a summertime weekend trip to church camp or the fun and games at Vacation Bible School plus many other youth activities hosted by our Youth Group?

If you need transportation or for more information about these and other church activities contact Howard @ or 678-662-7330 or Chris @ or 678-906-8169

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Pastor Craig Richard

2016 Wednesday Night Outreach

Wednesday night outreach program will begin back Wednesday 09/07.  We have classes and groups for all ages so please invite your friends and family to attend.  Dinner starts at 5:30 with groups and choirs beginning at 6:30.