2018 OGO

Message From Our Pastor

The last time I wrote, I was looking forward to a harvest of souls. The Lord, in His holy way, sent the harvest!  Thank you Jesus!

Today, I simply want to honor Him. I won’t type out the entire 3rd chapter of the book of Ephesians, but I would certainly encourage you to read it sometime soon. Within the text you will find 21 verses. We discover the amazing grace that the Spirit works, the unsearchable riches of Jesus, and the fullness and glory our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of.  Obviously there is much more as I cannot even scratch the surface of the text. I do find that each time I sit down to read the scriptures, whether for a lengthy or short time, I am always in awe of how the Word makes Himself real through the Holy Spirit.

In reading this chapter recently, I felt driven to my knees thanking God for what He has done and continues to do in the life of Oak Grove Baptist Church. As I see the local church work, I realize that she worships God because He is God and is the only one worthy. Of course we thank Him for His goodness, we praise Him for His presence, and we ask for future blessings-we honor and worship Him for these things, but no matter what, He is worthy of our adoration and worship simply because He is! My prayer is that today we will all honor Him because He is.

Love y’all,

Preacher Craig


“Ye must be born again”-Jesus

Oak Grove Baptist Church

Oak Grove Baptist ChurchCome learn more about Jesus and how we can serve him in our daily lives.

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Pastor Craig Richard

2018 – 19 Wednesday Outreach

Wednesday Morning Bible Study—10 a.m.

Wednesday Night Services

5:30 – 6:30 Dinner Served in Fellowship Hall

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7:00 – 7:30 Sunbeamers (Age 2-Pre-K), Mission Friends (Grade K-2), RAs (Boys Grade 3-5) & GAs (Girls Grade 3-5), Youth Bible Study (Grade 6-12)

6:45 – 7:30 Adult Bible Study in Radio Room